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Interview: Life as an actor with Canaan John Dewey

Not everyone understands the reality of life as an actor. Some people see the highs of being an actor, going to top restaurants, driving fast cars, and living in big houses. In reality most actors lives are not like that.

Being an actor is one of the most competitive professions in the world. There are more than 135, 600 unemployed and employed actors in the USA. If you visit Los Angles, then don’t be surprised if you are served in a bar or in a restaurant by an out of work actor.

Most actors spend more time out of work than in work, but that is the life of a jobbing actor. So why do all these actors put themselves through the worry of not knowing where the next pay cheque will come from and worry if they will ever work again. The simple answer is, they love their craft. Most actors are not in it for the fame and money, they are in it because they were born to do it.

One actor who is determined to succeed, and who has already won an award is Canaan John Dewey. The actor comes from a normal family background. His dad is a policeman, and his mum is a Clergy, but Canaan wanted to follow his own path, a path of the arts.

We sat down with Canaan John Dewey to learn more about life as an actor, and this is what he had to say:

Canaan John Dewey, you are an American born actor, podcaster, producer and travel photographer, but if someone asked you what is your one profession, what would you say to them?

I’d say I’m an artist because I keep myself busy with various creative endeavors but google says I’m a film actor and ...

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