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“So… You’re An Actor?! PROVE IT! - Now Available in Digital!

Get Noticed! Land More Work, Better Roles and More Respect as an Actor with These Top Branding Secrets

Finally, a straight-shooting guidebook designed to help actors stand out from the crowd - and turbocharge their careers! So... You're an Actor?! PROVE IT! is all about discovering, cultivating and - most important - promoting what's so special about you. In clear, no-nonsense prose, actor Canaan John Dewey breaks down the way the industry really operates to help you get noticed and be seen. Because getting the right kind of exposure equals more work and better roles. You'll learn:

- The keys to branding - determining your demographic appeal and promoting a brand image to make you No. 1 in your target market.

- Ways to maintain and elevate your reputation among the public and insiders - and what to do when a crisis strikes.

- Mastering the subtle world of industry professionalism -learning how to conduct meetings, return a callback, and much more.

- The biggest, don't-even-try-it ways to wreck your career - and how to avoid them.

- The inside scoop on unions, residuals, mailing and the under-the-radar tips successful actors already know to get more work.

- A whole lot more!

Chock full of examples, dishy anecdotes and just plain real-world experience, "So... You're an Actor?! PROVE IT" is the must-read for anyone looking to get into acting or boost their current career. It's what A-list actors already know. And, hey - they must be doing something right!

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